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About us

Lambda Investments is a private investment company. Creating leverage for our partners using groundbreaking tech is our M.O. We make innovation possible and scale achievable for early startups and developed corporations.

Lambda Investments provides 1st-phase funding for startups. We usually make small investments in companies that we work with. We partner with a number of corporations. From law firms and software houses to marketing agencies – providing crucial components for startups we work with. Investing in small scalable companies with distinct competitive advantages allows both us and the startups’ founders superior risk-adjusted returns. We provide ongoing financial and strategic support. We add value through our involvement in developing managements teams, ensuring that operating plans are executed properly, reducing and managing risk, developing marketing strategies and IT systems.

Our Partners


Unhype is a magazine on the web. We are a general-interest publication focusing on commentary about technology, business, startups, health, travel, lifestyle and culture. The site, which is owned by Lambda Investments, does not charge for access and is supported by advertising revenues.
Our goal is to have a place where the noise is filtered out. Our aim is to battle fake news and sensationalism. We provide our writers with editorial freedom, while having strong moderation guidelines.


Kurl.co is a tool used by enterprises to create high-converting messages on social media platforms. It’s a Lambda Investments startup.

Track, enhance and optimize your links with engaging call-to-actions, insightful analytics and retargeting pixels. A typical use case is driving traffic from viral social media content to an external page such as a company blog or a landing page.



Ontop Agency is a privately owned independent online agency. They have offices in London, Ukraine, and Egypt. They are our go-to partner for SEO, SMM, online marketing and content needs.

Quality is the name of the game with search engine optimization and what they stand for is built on expertise and years of experience. You need to know the rules to break them. In SEO, you don’t want to break them.

Contact us

Contact us


To find out more about Lambda Investments, the work we do or simply to discuss a project you have in mind, please submit an enquiry using the form below.
We’ve got local offices all with small teams of 5-6 developers.
San Francisco – 200 Capp St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Warsaw – Żurawia 26, 00-515, Poland
Lviv – Zamknena 9, 79000, Ukraine
Bangkok – Metropolis, 725 Sukhumvit Road, 10110, Thailand