this is about us

It's not often we like to talk about ourselves. Here's a little something to break the ice.

How we invest

We identify unique investment segments and opportunities through market research and a rigorous theme-based approach. Our network of investors, entrepreneurs, executives and advisors around the world are also a source of many of our opportunities. Early-stage VCs and entrepreneurs seek us out as an investor offering complementary knowledge and networks to more traditional venture funds.

We prefer to lead investment rounds. Ultimately we seek opportunities where our advice and capabilities are highly valued, i.e. where we are not simply passive capital.

We seek to value and structure our investments in a way that maximizes alignment, creates an opportunity for attractive risk-adjusted returns, and provides incentive for our management teams to build global market leaders. We develop a deep understanding of our companies prior to investing: we believe that this enables us to be thoughtful partners to the business on day one.

Don't be shy

After the investment

Post-investment, we provide specific value, working with our management teams on areas that touch on our expertise – global perspective and expansion, financing and capital markets, and strategic acquisitions (as both a buyer or seller). Our background is not principally in operations – we believe that our companies’ management teams are ultimately best positioned to make business decisions, and that our role as board members and advisors naturally involves staying out of the way and letting our teams execute.

As investors we are also committed to a transparent and accountable responsible investment approach. Our strategy is informed by international best practice for environmental, social and governance management. This includes applying our approach to how we screen investments, assess risk, value opportunities, and manage our investments over the lifetime of our fund.